Eve Online is a character-oriented game. The more you play the better you understand one simple truth: to achieve something here are to have a high-level character with plenty of skills developed. And, sure, this would take you plenty of your time, effort and even Eve isk. Are you sure you ready for such a long road to success?
But there is another way offered by our website. Here one can buy Eve character with already developed abilities and a wide variety of additional skills. We have already prepared everything for your best game experience possible. If you buy Eve account from our website you will receive a well-prepared winner trained specially for you.
This website is the best place you can find ready accounts. It is safe, not expensive and very easy. No matter how much money you are ready to spend to buy Eve character, we are sure we will manage to find something for you. By the way the final price depends on the amount and level of the skills developed. At our website you will be able to choose from a variety of characters sorted by bloodlines, walk of lives, appearance and plenty of other specifications. Pick up any character available and tell us that you want to buy Eve account before someone makes it faster than you.


Eve online offers its players a wide range of parameters that differ one character from another. The most important ones are called skills. It is skills that define how successful a player is and what odds for victory he has.
The maximum amount of character per account is three. Which means that if you want to play on behalf of more than 3 characters you will have to get yourself another account. The amount of accounts is unlimited.
The tricky thing about characters and skills is that you will have to upgrade each of your characters individually. Moreover one can be logged in only as one character at a time, which means that you will have to switch between your characters if you like them all. Another trick lies in the fact that your character can simultaneously learn only one skill, so getting him to the advanced level might take a while.
The best strategy for this game is to develop your character in certain direction to make master in this or that sphere. But after certain period of time you will find out that to fulfill your mission you need a few characters of different kinds all with advanced features. So to progress in the Eve game you will have to work hard on developing all of your characters or (and we recommend this variant) buy Eve character with already developed features.
For those who want to receive everything possible from the game we recommend to think and act big and buy Eve account with a few characters leveled-up.

What does our website offer you?

Depending on your resources and desires we offer you the chance to buy Eve account with everything preset or to buy Eve character for your own account. Cooperation with our website would open new horizon for you since to achieve some of the levels might take not days or weeks but years of your time spent in front of the computer. Every next level of the skills requires 5 times more time than the previous one. Not so easy, huh? But you don’t really have to face it all in case you decide to buy Eve character.
By the way if you want just to pump a little bit your own character up, a good idea is to get some Eve implants. The bad thing about them is that you lose the implants when your character is killed. But anyway don’t forget that among other products our website offers the clients such implants.
This website was created by professionals in the world of Eve Online, so it is much easier for us to train a character to an advanced level. And what is more important we have a clear understanding what a good and well-balanced character means. This way when you buy Eve account from us we offer you a perfect combination of developed skills that make the character most efficient. Sure the more developed a character is, the higher is the price.
The higher the level of a character is the more possibilities you have. If you buy Eve character of a top level, you will be able to take part almost in any battle or campaign and of course earn more game money that allow you to acquire more expensive ships, goods and other items.
But keep in mind that more expensive ships require more time to get the skill, so if you are no happy about waiting long it is much better to buy Eve account and enjoy the game right away.
Enjoy the wide assortment of our website and choose a character or an account you like. Learn the best part of Eve online immediately!

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