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  • 27.09.2021

    Great, fast service! While this was my first time here, it will not be my last.

  • 26.08.2021

    Top service, and very fast.

  • 10.07.2021

    All went butter smooth! Very fast and secure service. Thank you!

  • 24.04.2021

    Very satisfied. Very fast. Talk with an operator/chat with an operator when online and it\'s almost instant.

  • 11.04.2021

    Even after I messed up the order with a type in my email the IskMarket team was able to deliver quickly. Customer support is top notch.

  • 16.02.2021

    Very fast service, nice people, and helpfull, everything went smoothly from start to finish, it`s best if you contact an operator before making a p...

  • 08.02.2021

    I was very afraid of being scammed when I bought an item, but no, the next day I received what I bought. thank you very much.

  • 25.01.2021

    would be nice to not have the price go up and down daily

  • 05.01.2021

    The first couple of days I thought it was a fraud because I could not contact the operator for delivery, but a day later I was pleasantly surprised...

  • 28.12.2020

    Hello. And Bye.