The Konrakas Chronicle

The Konrakas: mineral-rich planet with all for your needs

Long time ago space travel was just a medium for communication between planets and empires, but as technologies developed the situation has changed. And now there are thousands of people who spend all their life flying from one planet or another and for whom their own home is not an Empire, but a small space station that is an intermediate stop on their way.

No wonder that as time passed, the Eve Universe got filled with special stations designed for space travellers. These stations have everything a space wanderer might need for good rest. But still since they were created artificially there’s high need for mineral and other resources.

To solve this problem the majority of such stations are connected to mineral-rich planets that provide everything required for the station starting from construction resources and ending with food and water. Such deliveries have become a common case and soon the industry of inhabitant planets used a source of minerals reached enormous scale.

Location of Konrakas

One of such planets suppliers is Konrakas. It is situated in the Shintaht system and was first discovered by the Caldari. Since it is situated not far from the Amarrian Empire, both Caldari and Amarr consider Konrakas to be their territory. Nevertheless no one has yet sent troops their for colonization.

Climate of Konrakas

Anyone who has ever visited Konrakas would mention its harsh climate, the temperature easily goes from minimum to maximum, and the seasons are in great contrast. On Konrakas one has the same chances to be heavily sun-burnt or frozen to death.

The situation worsens by the huge ocean known for its floods and winds. But not only water is windy here. A storm or a tornado is typical case, which also doesn’t give Konrakas extra points to become inhabited. To crown it all tectonic movements on the planet regularly provoke volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Resources of Konrakas

No wonder with such hazardous climate Konrakas has hardly any chances to be inhabited now or ever. Nevertheless this planet can boast of a great variety of precious natural resources, which make it a perfect supplier for space stations. But we have to tame your mining temper a little bit. Horrible for a human-being conditions of the planet makes mining almost impossible, neither Amarr nor Caldari have yet dared to visit the planet with mining mission.

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