Stairway to Heaven – an EVE Economy Saga

Eve Economy – basis and tendencies

Space economy is a universe notion that includes so many factors that it is not easy to describe it in a few words. Currently millions of people from all the Empires develop their business not only on their planets, but in the space itself. They build space stations, ships, installations and many other things that are sold and bought.

At the moment Eve space economy is on a such great rise, that Gallentean Federation is even discussing the possibility of tying their local currency to ISK, which in its turn is managed by Concord.

What are the tendencies of the modern Space Economy that make it so attractive for investments?

Space travelling

One of the main tendencies is space travelling. The thing our ancestors could only dream about is now highly affordable and the prices are going down with every day. This required the development of the travelling infrastructure and of course the technologies aimed to cut down the costs.

Inter-planet industries

It is a common case when one planet spares the resources that are in high demand on the other one. For many years inter-planet industries were impossible due to the unbelievably high costs for transportations. Modern technologies make such transportation a little bit cheaper, but not cheap enough for full-scale production. At the moment there is a transmission to the new industrial phase, when the goods are produced in space and then delivered to various planets. But there is still a lot to be done in this sphere.

Vehicle development

And finally one of the main tendencies is the development of vehicle industry. Throughout the last few centuries so many variants have been offered starting from creating huge rails between planets and ending rocket delivery. None of them have been considered satisfying technical and scale needs. And until now the question of inter-planet transportation is an open one. But the moment a perfect solution is found will become a breakthrough in the development of the space economy and would allow plenty of other economic space spheres develop freely.

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