Things to Know about Deadspace Invasion

Deadspace Invasion: what do you have to know about it

As you probably have already noticed, Eve Online is full of events and things that might happen to your character. One of the ones you have to know about is Deadspace Invasion. Keep in mind that those who know all about have much higher chances to survive it, so keep calm and read this article.

What is Deadspace Invasion?

Deadspace Invasion is a term used for the cases when one player enters with no permission the Deadspace zone that belongs to the mission of a different player (for example, you).

Generally such invasion is performed to chase those who perform the mission in order to increase their own chances for success. But there might me some other cases connected with the use of special ninja things, such as ninja salvage or ninja loot.

What do you need to perform Deadspace Invasion yourself?

If you want to perform Deadspace Invasion in relation to another player you have to acquire special skills and equipment.

To be more specific, one need to get 2nd level of Astrometrics and 3rd level of Science. Without this knowledge our character wouldn’t be skillful enough to invade in someone’s Deadspace and would have to stay at home and run his own missions.

Another thing is the equipment used for invasion. First and foremost your ship should have no less than 220 ft cpu on board. And don’t forget to install combat scanner probe and expanded probe launcher I on it. Without these modules your invasion is impossible.

How to make your Deadspace Invasion most efficient?
If you want to get utmost from your Deadspace Invasion, the first thing you need to do is to get a ship with extra bonuses of signal strength. You can also employ some implants designed for the same purposes. These technical appliances would help you to trace the Deadspace of a mission a little faster.

After that find a ship of another player, who performs a mission. To do this use your combat probes, send them all around the space to scan the maximum area possible. Once they have found something, wait till the signal on the invaded ship is 100% strong and teleport there. When the teleporting is finished, bookmark the entrance for future use.

Keep in mind that Deadspace Invasion is available only against those players who are running their missions. But in case the mission is finished but you haven’t left the Deadspace yet, you can always use the bookmark to get back. That is why making a bookmark is so important.



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