The pros and cons of buying isks

To buy or not to buy isks?

Isks are the main currency in the Eve online. And like with real money, there is never enough. Every player who decides to become a space traveller has a few options of acquiring isks: on the one hand he can earn them step by step, performing game missions and on the other hand he can buy isks from the outer websites. The second variant is though illegal in the Eve Online universe, but highly advantageous: it saves you plenty of time and allows use all the game options without getting through the hurdles.

Of course buying isks inside them game is a safe way, you are totally protected from the possible penalties, but it would take eternity to get enough funds to buy a proper ship and modules. Moreover this might be expensive. Usually other websites offer prices two times as low as the one at the game.

Another question is that you have to find a website that is reliable and honest. And though there is a big choice of such stores, you are never one hundred percent protected, no matter what the website says. You never now what information game masters have and how they use it. So if you “cheat” by buying some isks from a third person, you always have at least 1% risk of losing this money. But keep in mind that professional websites have enough skills and knowledge to cut the risk to the minimum.

Another thing one should pay attention to picking a website is customer support. The better it is the more information you will have and the easier it would be for you to solve the problem in case it occurs. Please pay attention to the people you are cooperating with, since there are plenty of cheaters in the Internet, who just want to take your money.

Yes, buying isks from outer site requires some time and research. A good idea would be to look through some forums and discussions. Maybe someone’s advice would help you to find a reliable website with good prices and to get as many isks as you want.



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    had 1 issue with eve taking isk from me but i still came out on the positive side. I\'d suggest having an alt do the transaction.

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