The Slaver

Slaver: a beast you would hardly handle

If you are an experienced player, you have probably noticed on some of the planets of the Ammarian Empire an devilishly looking beast, who is something between a severe wolf and a huge dog and whose massive strong jaws can’t but give creeps to honest Ammarians. Who is he and it happened that he lives together with some of brave citizens of the Eve Online world?

Origin of the Slaver

This monstrous beast is called Slaver. Originally it was bred on the planet Syrikos V, but later was exported to other planets. As you can probably guess from the name this animal has something to do with the slaves.

Experts in the history of Syrikos V would tell you that it used to be a slave planet. And plenty of thieves, murderers and other marginal elements died trying to escape it. To make the work of the slaves more organized and to prevent them from escaping special slave-dogs had been bred. And their name was Slavers.

Appearance and behavior of the Slaver

Since the Slaver was bread with the main idea of striking fear in the human being, it looks like a real monster from hell. You will recognize him by long fur, big size (it is approximately 1 meter high), strong massive paws and of course huge jaws that are ready to tear into pieces anyone who might of danger for the Slaver. Unlike wolves or dogs Slavers are good tree-climbers, they prefer to attack from the top so that they have better outlook of the disposition.

You can be absolutely sure you won’t run from the Slayer on your feet. It is fast, clever and absolutely murderous. And if you think Lion is the King of the animal world, you just haven’t met the Slaver yet.

Though Slaver is a deadly enemy for any slave, it might become a good and faithful friend if tamed in the early age. They are highly loyal to their owners are ready to die for them in case of danger.

Nevertheless one should never forget about the bloodthirsty nature of the Slaver and not provoke their aggression. Some of the Ammarians think they can handle with a creature like that and keep Slavers as guards or pets even if they don’t have slaves to keep track of. Nevertheless never forget about the rapacious nature of the Slaver and always have all eyes about.



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