The Serpent’s Coil Chronicle

The story of Serpent’s Coil

The space has seen plenty of births and deaths, its history encountered thousands of betrayals, rescues and heroic deeds. Space can tell you millions of stories about travellers, traders, militants and rebels. Some of them will make you feel delighted others would plunge you into despair. Space has seen a lot and has a lot to share. Here comes the story of the Serpent’s Coil: the story of confrontation of government and pirates.

Serpent’s Coil is situated in Vilinnon system. The majority of the historians agree that it belongs to the Gallente Federation, though the question of its independence is an open one. The thing is that currently it is occupied by Serpentis corporation, but this has not always been the case.

The history of this place goes back to Gallente-Caldari war, when the Federation had to repel the severe aggression of the Caldari ships. Initially it was just a lookout post with a simple code name 7-0z.

But when the war came to an end the need in this post also ended and quite soon the troops left post 7-0z. The place became abandoned and desolated. And very soon Serpentis corporation paid attention to these lands. They settled there and gave the post new name – Serpent’s Coil. It was a perfect time for invading the land, since the Federal Administration was just about to change.

Though the Federation didn’t admit Serpent’s Coil, they didn’t manage to know the corporation out of the land and after some time the government preferred just to ignore the problem. This way Seprentis Coil unofficially became the possession of the Serpentis Corporation.

Despite the Corporation is known for its aggressive position towards these lands, many people are still interested in the Coil. Scientists mention a specific rock formation typical of this place, and there’s still no explanation to the phenomenon. Others claim this place to be the result of some old experiment.

Anyway Serpentis Corporation is highly unlikely to allow anyone to this land and we advice you to beware people from Serpent’s Coil.



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