The Never-Ending Language Issue

Language map of the Eve Universe

· Eve Universe is a huge world inhabited by a huge variety of nations. Quite naturally each of the nations has its own language, which on the one hand differs one people from another, but on the other hand creates plenty of language issues. All the attempts to create one universal language failed and the nations seem to stick to the languages they have much harder than to the territories they have. So let’s have the look at the language map of the Eve Universe. There are two main languages:

  • Amarish language

The biggest Empire in the Eve Universe is the Amarrian Empire. And quite naturally this is the most spoken language in the space. It is unofficially considered to be an international language and is spoken not only by the Ammarian nation itself, but also by the majority of international figures.

  • Gallentean language

Gallentean language is the second language by the amount of people speaking it in the world of Eve Online. Gallenteans are the only reason why Amarish hasn’t received its international status yet, they are afraid that would give their rivals political advantage on the world stage. The popularity of the Gallentean language is explained by the great success of the Gallenteans in the entertainment business, and the Amarians are also not happy about it.

Space captains and translation modules

Currently until the Empires have come to an agreement, all international relations are performed wit the help of translators. This matter of things though doesn’t concern Space captains. This is achieved thanks to special capsules that allow connecting one mind to another. With this neural modules, which are a common thing for almost any space ship.

These translation modules were designed specifically for space travellers. The easily convert the incoming language to any required depending on the native language of the captain. These devices have passed through a long way of updates and though first of them were fairly poor and could hardly translate the meaning of the words said, modern versions are highly efficient, they translate the phrases taking into account the dialect, slang, mood and plenty of others factors, which makes such communication very close to a real one.

The technology keeps developing and becomes more and more affordable, which makes it the best candidate for interracial communication in future.



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