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In case your existing character(s) is(are) too far away from Jita 4-4 CNAP, or if for some reasons your character(s) cannot fly to Jita, follow the guide below for ISKs delivery.

1.Create a new character at a distance of 3 jumps from Jita

2 Arriving to Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
2.1 Exit from the station dock after you created the character.
2.2 Set “Jita” as destination
2.3 Turn the autopilot on
2.4 On arrival to Jita, dock at Jita IV Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

3. Receiving items and selling on the market.
3.1 Tell our Operator the name of your Character at Jita. The Operator will issue a private contract with items to your character.
3.2 Open the Items tab or Assets tab (in case your character is not in Jita) and create PUBLIC contract with these items for the amount that the operator tells you. Do not create the contract yourself, follow the operator’s instructions!

DO NOT refine the received items!
DO NOT use Advanced Options when selling the items!

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