CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department

DED: the department that protects you

The laws of international policy require creation of joint management bodies to keep the situation clear and unbiased. Once the dialogue between two empires has been set there arose a need in a special organization. This way Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command was formed, named for short CONCORD.

CONCORD performs plenty of regulating functions among which currency regulation, trade issues and crime control. CONCORD has plenty of departments of various size and aims, but all of them are subjected to the main office.

Directive Enforcement Department

Directive Enforcement Department (DED for short) is one of the branches of the organization. This is an armed office and many specialists agree that DED is strongest militant unit in the whole Eve universe. This branch was designed to fight serious criminal issues in both of the Empires and in all the other space.

At the moment the main problem DED is fighting with are Bounty Hunters. Both Empires though equip DED time from time for other criminal cases their local forces can’t solve themselves. Another function of DED lies in protecting borders from smuggling, so you are likely to find some representatives of the branch at customs.

Should we mention that DED are the most respected armed forces in Eve, so they have access to all the newest technologies and weapons. They have the best ships, the best modules and the best weapon. And sure only best of the best are accepted to these elite forces.

DED also performs all type of security operations. It protects world’s most important conferences and meetings and provides help to local bodies in most complicated or high-rank cases.

Special attention should be paid to one of the most prominent units of the DED known for its harsh yet efficient methods. This is Special Affairs for Regulations and Order unit, SARO for short. This unit is usually up against pirates, terrorists and other critical cases.

Though the authority of DED branch is limited to space area only, recently it received right to work at planets and space stations. This is done to provide more efficient crime combat in every corner of the Eve universe.

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