Nocxium Mining in the Miennue Cloud Ring

New mine of Nocxium founded

If you ask any boy what kind of miner he wants to become, you are very much likely to hear he answer “Nocxium miner, Sir”. No wonder, at the moment Nocxium is one of the most precious materials in the universe, since no capsule can be made without it and the amount of Nocxium in the universe is very limited.

How is Nocxium formed? The thing is that a compulsory for Nocxium formation is state of supernovae, so you are not going to find it at the majority of planets. Majorly Nocxium is located in the asteroid fields, because Nocxium is a very sensitive material that doesn’t survive extreme heat or cold and can’t be formed on stellar.

A few years ago the economy situation with Nocxium had a new twist. Asteroids containing loads of Nocxium were discovered at Miennue cloud ring. This area is located not far from the Gallente Federation, yet it doesn’t belong it. This way the finding of Nocxium became a matter of international level and plenty of miners packed their ship to try their luck with Nocxium.

But as it happens in the majority of cases only few of them were lucky to hit the jackpot. The luckiest one was Yani Sar Arteu. According to some rumors he and his crew managed to find the biggest diggings of Nocxium in the whole Eve. Nevertheless no prove have yet been provided and Mr.Arteu is not in the rush to show the whole world where his Nocxium is.

Moreover as he said, he is not going to dig all the Nocxium there is in Miennue cloud ring, since he wants to keep the price for it high and wide availability of the precious mineral would make the cost drop down. While Arteu is playing with economy and government, plenty of other miners are trying their chances.

The government itself takes the situation with Miennue cloud ring quite seriously, since plenty of money is involved here. Thought they offered to provide security for all the miners at ring and ask a share in return, miners are unlikely to accept their offer. But take into consideration that the pressure is growing with every week, so the probability that Arteu would yield rises.

In case the government gets a stake at Miennue cloud ring that would allow it to improve economic situation and strengthen its position on the international level.



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